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Hydraulic leaks are somewhat uncommon but do occur. Through the process of elimination, we can get to the bottom of it and suggest a solution

Identifying the leak source:

Leak Site Isolation: Implement a meticulous cleaning and drying protocol to isolate the precise location of the hydraulic fluid egress. Focus your inspection on these following areas:
Hydraulic line fittings where they attach to the pump and reservoir housing
Upper ram seal where the ram comes out of the upper reservoir cover
Hydraulic regulator shaft where the shaft goes into the brass bonnet nut
Hydraulic regulator shaft screw seal where the screw is located in the center of the valve handle
The hydraulic pump shaft seal

1. Hydraulic line fittings

The hydraulic line fittings are a compression style fitting. Most often these leaks can be remedied by just a slight tightening of the hydraulic line nut with a ½” wrench. Do not over tighten. If the problem persists, the line may need to be replace with new fittings. Talk with one of our service techs if you need assistance with this.

2. Upper ram seal

If the upper ram seal is leaking, the only option is to replace the seal. There is a radial groove cut in the reservoir cover to accept this seal. In order to replace this seal, the (6) cover bolts will need to be removed and the cover taken off. The seal can be removed from the cover with a sharp pick or scribe. On occasion the ram can be difficult to pull out of the cover. Check for buildup on the ram and possible lube the ram for ease of removal.

3. Hydraulic regulator shaft seals

Somewhat unusual, but it can be the culprit of your hydraulic leak. Depending on the model, most Norwalk juicers use (2) orings on the hydraulic regulator shaft. They can be accessed by removing the bronze bonnet nut. This can be somewhat difficult, so it may be best to consult with one of our service techs.

4. Hydraulic regulator shaft screw seal

More common than the shaft seals, this seal is easy to replace. By removing the screw in the end of the hydraulic regulator shaft, the seal will reveal itself and usually, but not always, is found under the head of the screw. By simply replacing the seal, you should be good to go.

5. Hydraulic pump shaft seal

This is very uncommon, but can happen. This seal is difficult but possible to replace. Contacting one of our service reps is recommended