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Switches For Norwalk Juicers
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Norwalk 290 External Switch Housing Norwalk 290 Juicer On/Off Push Button Switch Housing

This switch housing is used on the Norwalk 290 juicer to acatuate the internal microswitch (Not Included). This is a direct replacement for the two switches mounted on the side of the unit for easy access. To complete this assembley, see the microswitch that is also available and snaps into these switch housings.

Our Price: $9.95
Norwalk 290 Juicer Micro Switch Norwalk 290 Micro Switch

These micro switches, used on the Norwalk 290, snap onto the external switch housing found on the machine's left side. They are  a direcr replacement for the factories micro switches.

Our Price: $9.95
On/off switch For A Norwalk 290 Juicer Switch For Norwalk Juicer Model 290

This on/off switch is for the Norwalk 290 juicer specifically. The switch is configured with (2) terminal blade connections, just as the original Norwalk 290 was.

Our Price: $39.95
Internal Switch Norwalk 290 Juicer Internal Breaker Switch For Norwalk 290 Juicer

This is a replacement switch for the Norwalk 290. Located on the inside of the unit and not visible until the covers are remove, this switch is configured with (5) blade terminals on the back and mounted on the same bracket as the electrical relay.

Our Price: $48.75
Switch For Norwalk Juicer Models 260 To 280 Juicer Models Switch For Norwalk Juicer - Models 260 to 280

This replacement switch fits the earlier Norwalk juicers with the (4) terminals on the back. For models 260-265-270-275-280 only.

Our Price: $56.95