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Gold Medallion Norwalk Remanufacturing Service

Breathe new life into your existing Norwalk juicer. Our comprehensive in depth remanufacturing service takes your existing Norwalk juicer and restores it for years of reliable service.

Red Wing Organics: Your Trusted Source for Norwalk Juicer Servicing
Whether you're buying one of our meticulously remanufactured Gold Medallion units or sending your own Norwalk for remanufacturing, we apply the same unparalleled level of detail and expertise. Here's the extensive process your juicer undergoes:
  • Meticulous Inspection:
    • Thorough external condition assessment
    • Missing component inventory
    • Hydraulic system pressure tests
    • Hydraulic system function tests
    • Motor amp draw analysis
    • Motor vibration analysis
    • Fitment checks for trays and feed pan
    • Safety interlock verification
  • Hydraulic Overhaul:
    • Complete cleaning and inspection of all hydraulic components
    • Cylinder wear check
    • Piston wear check
    • Cylinder/piston concentricity checks
    • Ram dimensional testing and refinishing
    • New ram seal
    • New piston seal
    • New lower and upper cylinder seals
    • New upper reservoir cover seal
    • New hydraulic pressure regulator shaft seal
  • Motor Revitalization:
    • Full motor disassembly
    • Internal motor component inspection
    • New motor bearings
    • Shaft seal replacement
    • Final amp draw testing
    • Final vibration testing
  • Component Reconditioning:
    • Cutter blade truing & sharpening
    • Cutter blade buffing
    • Feed tube inspection and descaling
    • Feed tube polishing
    • Juice tray, grid holder, and feed tray inspection and polishing
  • Rigorous Testing:
    • Final pressure testing
    • Final vibration testing
    • Safety interlock function verification
    • Detailed fit and finish inspection
  • Gold Medallion Certification:
    • Our remanufactured units earn this label, signifying the highest rebuild standard
    • Your own juicer can achieve Gold Medallion status with our service
    • Extended warranty for your investment protection
Experience the Gold Medallion Difference

Choose a ready-to-go Gold Medallion Norwalk juicer or transform your existing machine with our industry-leading remanufacturing service.
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